Monday, April 11, 2011

One week til your bets!

Excited that the Boston Marathon is in one week! Now all I need to do is hydrate, check the weather, swim, foam roll, repeat. I will do a few light trail runs this week and hit the track on Tuesday for some 800s.
I am really excited for this race, as my bff Brenda, will be joining me for the journey! We will be staying with family friends in the Boston area.

Last year I ran the Boston marathon in 3:31. I was a few pounds lighter than I am now... (I was sick a month prior). I ran 2010 NYC marathon in 3:36, as it was the day after Gianna's funeral & I ran 2011 LA marathon in 3:36, about a month ago (in a monsoon- under push- pace). I have a goal for this year's marathon, but what finish time would you place your money on???

This past weekend was a mile marker for the Wayne lululemon run club- they did 10 miles- and for most of them, it was their first time!!! I am so proud of them.. mostly for staying on track of the training plan! I knew they would achieve this goal, as long as they stuck to the plan. And everyone did! They made the sacrifices, baby-sitting arrangements, and "weekly runs".. one of the runners told me that she remembers signing onto the plan she had never ran 4 miles and today she ran 10! She also told me that she looked forward to these runs each week- this just made my day.
Sadly, I won't be there when they run their race on May 1st- but maybe I will be the voice in their heads ("eat, drink, run- celebrate").
10 mile training run - Rocky Style finish!