Tuesday, April 10, 2012

days leading up to Boston

scared or excited to be on this ride?
I am scared.. and why I am scared? Because I am usually excited to "run" Boston Marathon, and this year I don't have that feeling of excitement, so its been replaced with a bit of fear. I lost that loving feeling... because that love of being able to run for hours and miles has slowly diminished throughout my training. Unlike the past 2 years, I ran the LA marathon in preparation for Boston, this year I barely could finish my 20 mile run that weekend. I was lucky if I could run 3 days a week for this training. Life is always busy, but it wasn't life as it was my body not allowing me to train for beantown (diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue). I was barely able to get 2- 19 mile runs in this training period (past training included 1- 22mile and 1- 26.5mile run prior to Boston).  About 2 hrs into the run, my whole body, especially my joints ache from head to ankles (including shoulders & wrists). No speed training this year either.. the faster I went, the more it hurt... so it's been all about keeping a slow and steady pace. I used to run with my running group, and there were a couple of times, I couldn't keep up and would lose sight of them. Physically & mentally it was painful. I used to keep up with them no problem, and hold a conversation the whole time. For their sake and mine, I decided to do my own training, on my own time, on my own routes. The routes I chose are easier than what our group does each weekend, but a bit more scenic so it helped boost my spirit of running.

run along the Hudson in NYC, not the Bryn Mawr hills.
I am very excited for the Boston Marathon. After running it for a couple of years, it becomes sort of a homecoming. I get excited to see all the friends and family in beantown! We'll bring up Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies, and pretzels for our Boston peeps! I get excited thinking about the route.. the start line (hill) at Hopinkton, then through the family town of Nattick, onto Wellesley screams, onto Newton, cheers up heartbreak hill, Boston College for a couple of miles, and then those last couple of miles... when I ask myself  "how many times have I ran 4 miles before" (5.5x's the very same day). I am really excited as this year my sister and my nephews are coming along for the ride and my support team! This is their first time ever in Boston, and first time mom & brothers of baby Gianna will be seeing the special Gianna shoes in motion! Road trip to Boston!!!
Road trip: Boston! First time??? Really? Yay!