Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Boston Marathon

Too much of a gu thing is bad.

All went well til mile 16 when I took my 4th Gu (Roctane with 2x caffeine)... I completely lost power as soon as that Gu hit my stomach and my pace to 3:20- 3:23 ran ahead of me. There it went-  I saw 3:20 go down the road from me..and then I saw 3:23 really pull away from on those 3 big hills toward Boston College. I just took too many Gu's with too much caffeine with really flipped my stomach and took most of the blood from my legs to my stomach.
Should've, Would've, Could've:
I invested $50 in a full box of Roctane Gu's. I have been taking these Gu's since they arrived on the market in 07. I like them and find they work for me better than any other forced nutrition in a easy-ready packet. I don't think I realized they had twice the amount of caffeine of a regular Gu.
My plan was to take a Gu every 4 miles. I figured I probably burn 500-600 calories each 4 miles- and to replenish 100 calories every 4mi, because I was going to push my body on this day and I want the tank never to be under half full.
I should've skipped the Gu at 16 - drank water & gatorade -and waited til 20 for the next Gu.
I would've added variety to my Gu collection (ones without caffeine).
I could've kept a 3:20 pace if the blood stayed in my legs and not my stomach.

Lots of room for error over 26.2 miles...

So in the end, I finished 3:27, a personal record for marathon in Gi Wings! It was a beautiful day!
I finally made it into the 3:20's for marathon... do I hear the teens calling me now??
I age up next year with The big F word- eek! So I made the cut to be one of the early ones to register for the 2012 Boston Marathon. Thats pretty cool. Just not sure if I am going to register. Paris is calling.

Recovery the days after:
day 1: swim 45mins
day 2: swim 40 mins
day 3: a very light spin (I felt like laying on the couch after work.. but thanks to my friend and uber athlete Branden who got me on the bike to flush out the legs- while I waited for my pizza to be delivered)
day 4: 2hrs mountain bike ride (it was awesome- and the quads burned every hill, but well worth it)
day 5: swim & yogapuncture
day 6: 3 mile run, light spin on the single speed
day 7: swim & pack my bike
day 8: light spin & travel to Spain for ITU Cross World Triathlon Championships

Big Kudos to my BFF Brenda. She made the trip very fun for me.. videos to come! Our friends who we stayed with in Boston couldn't believe we're friends because we are so opposite in many ways... but we are very similiar in 2 ways... we love an adventure and love to have fun!! When we get together we act like we're 15 again- total goofy we were then and we still continue our tradition of goofiness!

post marathon celebration at "Pairings" in Boston