Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 XTERRA World Championships... 5 years later

It was 2006,  I was at the top of my age group. It was my first World Championship, my first time in Maui, and I was hooked for life.
Its 5 years later & my 4th time racing Worlds. I wanted to do well, really well. But much like the lululemon bag manifesto "Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined on how you handle setbacks." My Success: make the trip to Maui after work, race Worlds, and return home safely. Setback: I am injured.. I sit here and my back hurts. Unexpectedly, the week of the race my lower back (sacroiliac joint) pulled on nerves and muscles to the point it hurt so much I would see stars and feel nausea. Tears in my eyes because of the pain. If I hadn't had so much money invested in this race (already paid for the airfare, race fee, & condo) I would not have made the trip. I made the trip, and glad I made it out there. Luckily my roomie & friend is a PT and she helped me loosen up a bit, but I honestly can say, I could not race the course. It felt more like a preview of the course. My back is ok when I am active, up and going. It hurts when I sit for a long time & when I am at race pace. When I race, I like to push hard, and every climb I would have to dismount to save my back, but unfortunately it was harder for my run. It was the hardest for my ego.
Its time to heal, re- evaluate 2011 and rejuvenate for 2012.
Recapping the past year, I ran Boston, LA, & NYC marathons & 6 triathlons: ITU Cross World Championships; XTERRA Richmond, DC Tri, USAT Nationals in VT, and 5150 Champs in Iowa, and XTERRA Worlds. It was an eventful year for sure! I was tired, very tired this year.
My Sports Medicine physician helped me finally figure out my lethargy. My ferritin levels were low. So I started to take liquid iron, and immediately saw the difference in a few days. It may have been a bit late on this diagnosis, as I pushed my body thru the lethargy too many times, where I locked up my muscles right before my main race. Or maybe I am just getting old and need to face the reality of racing, training, and balancing life. I am "signed up" for Boston Marathon & Ironman Lake Placid for 2012.
Don't worry, I won't abandon off-road racing ... I love it too much.. almost too much I want to do all the races on the global tour! The road stuff is good for base training.
Can one be addicted to XTERRA? Yes, I think so. (At least I am not in denial)